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  The Department of Orthodontics at the Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel has been a recognized specialty program for more than a quarter of a century. In the past 18 years the orthodontic education bestowed here has been an English-based international program and the place where the Ersamus Project curriculum of the European Union was first implemented.

Since its inception, over eighty students from Argentina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal and Thailand, as well as Israel have successfully completed the course of study, the aim of which is to produce thinking professionals who will contribute both to the health of their clinical patients and to the profession.

Graduates will earn a Certificates in Orthodontics and either a Master's Degree (Master's in Orthodontics) or Doctor in Philosophy (PhD).

Previous graduates of the International Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics have been recognized as specialists in their countries of origin.

The members of the faculty in the Department are graduates from orthodontic programs in leading schools of dental medicine in the USA, Canada, Europe and Israel. They expose our graduates with a mixture of diverse treatment philosophies that enhance and broaden the orthodontic education of each resident at TAU.

We are proud to deliver state-of the-art treatment techniques and our Department is the first orthodontic post-graduate program in the world to include the lingual technique in the program, which is delivered by a world renowned clinician in this field. Furthermore, self-ligating brackets and mini-implants have been incorporated into the treatment of patients. In addition, the "Incognito" and "Invisalign" systems are also administered as a treatment modality in our clinic. 

The faculty members of the Department of Orthodontics at TAU have published numerous articles in all the leading orthodontic journals. In addition, our staff is frequently invited to present papers at major international orthodontic meetings. The majority of the Department's graduates have had their theses published in prominent peer reviewed scientific journals.

The Department is located in Tel-Aviv where we enjoy a spacious clinic, modern facilities, and a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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