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Sandu Pitaru
Department of Oral Biology

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Sandu Pitaru, D.M.D.



Prof. Pitaru is a full professor in Oral Biology at the Faculty of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University. He previously chaired the Department of Oral Biology between the years of 1993 and 2004.

Prof. Pitaru is the author of numerous publications in the research fields of regenerative medicine, extracellular matrix biology and the biology of bone, dental and ligamentous tissues.

Prof. Pitaru is a member of many scientific committees, a reviewer for a number of prestigious international scientific journals and international science foundations and is a worldwide invited lecturer. His research has been and is being funded by the most prestigious and competitive Science Foundations in Israel and the United States.


Current Research Activity

Prof. Pitaru leads an active group which focuses on studying a novel, fetal-like stem cell population in the adult organism. The group investigates the basic biology of this population with emphasis on understanding how such a young population is preserved in the adult and ageing organism. This novel population has the potency of fetal-derived stem cells and the safety of adult stem cells. Based on these unique properties the group is engaged in several projects aimed at developing new cell therapy and tissue engineering technologies for the treatment of devastating diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease and chronic heart failure.

Inventions and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Pitaru is also an inventor and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of several U.S. and international patents and the originator of several successful products in the field of life sciences. Prof. Pitaru is the co-founder of Colbar Life Sciences and the inventor of Colbar's core technology - "Glycomatrix". Under his leadership Colbar accomplished the development of its first and second products, obtained the FDA approval for the first product and thereby demonstrated the proof of concept and the feasibility of Colbar's core technology. Colbar has been recently acquired by Johnson and Johnson.

Prof. Pitaru holds a D.M.D degree from the Hebrew University and a postdoctoral fellowship from University of Toronto.


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