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Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein, Ph.D

Microbiology Lab,
Oral Biology Department
The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine
Office Location: Room 143 Lab:160
 Phone: +972 3 640 9112 ; +972 3 6409347 
Fax: +972 3 640 9112
Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Cell:     +972 523364365


Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein, Ph.D.



Dr Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein has started her work at the school as a research assistant at Prof. Mel Rosenberg's laboratory, mainly in applicative projects, among them: developing diverse devices for detection of different bacteria. The subject of her PhD thesis (at the same lab), was the isolation and characterization of the hydrophobicity gene in the opportunistic pathogen Serratia marcescens.


Dr Bar-Ness Greenstein has started to teach Oral Microbiology for Dental Medicine studies since 1995, together with Prof. Mel Rosenberg. The Oral Microbiology course was given in a lecture-lab conventional format until 2001. Since 2001, the course has changed into a PBL format - which means Problem Based Learning: a special active learning method, where the students learn in small groups with trained tutors. The tutors (volunteer dentists) are trained by Dr Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein, and the learning material is given to the students in a form of an oral microbiology "dental" case=problem, written by Ronit and her chief volunteer - Dr. Norma Rudnik.  

Ronit has changed the oral microbiology lab part of the course into a self-planned experiment lab, where the students experience lab work and apply basic research in order to answer simple experimental microbiological questions.

Since 2003, Ronit is in charge of the Oral Microbiology course for dental medicine students. She also gives guest lectures in the Periodontology course for 4th and 5th year students (the microbiology of periodontal diseases), as well as a seminar in the Oral Biology course for 6th year students.  


Dr Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein has developed a special diagnostic kit for cariogenic bacteria (together with Yardena Mazor), based on a kit which was used in the past. The RY kit was originally developed for use at the oral microbiology student lab, but since 2005, great interest of the school staff has lead to its use as a tool for assessment of caries risk in the student clinic, as a part of the routine patient admission procedure.


On 1998, Dr Bar-Ness Greenstein joined to the public relation committee of the school, and was in charge of the first school website foundation.


Since 2003, Dr Ronit Bar-Ness Greenstein, together with Dr. Colin Gorfil is the coordinator for foreign exchange students at the school. Since last year, Dr Bar-Ness Greenstein is in charge of the exchange students. 


1977 BSc Tel Aviv University 
1980 MSc (Microbiology), Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University
1993 Ph.D (Microbiology), The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University


1999 Certified Homeopath (Medicine College and Bar Ilan University)

Research Interest(s)


Microbiological consequences of orthodontic treatment (with Prof. Andy Vardimon)

Effect of adsorption of antimicrobial agents on Titanium surfaces (with Dr. Avital Koslovsky)

Evaluation of saliva cariogenic bacteria levels by RY kit before and after dental treatment (with Dr. Moshe  Gordon)

Correlation between mutams Streptococci and Helicobacter pylori in children (with Prof. Beni Peretz)

Effect of saliva from Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans positive LAP patients on mutans Streptococci levels (with Dr. Avital Koslovsky)


 Representative Publications


R. Bar-Ness, N. Avrahamy, T. Matsuyama and M. Rosenberg
Increased cell surface hydrophobicity of a Serratiamarcescens NS 38 mutant lacking wetting activity
Journal of Bacteriology Vol. 170, 1988 (pp.4361-4364)

R. Bar-Ness and M. Rosenberg
Putative role of a 70 kD surface protein in mediating cell surface hydrophobicity of Serratia marcescens
Journal of General Microbiology Vol. 135, 1989 (pp.2277-2281)

M. Rosenberg, M. Barki, R. Bar-Ness, S. Goldberg and R.J. Doyle
Microbial adhesion to hydrocarbons (MATH)
Biofouling Vol. 4, 1991 (pp.121-128)

R. Bar Ness-Greenstein, M. Rosenberg, R.J. Doyle, and N. Kaplan DNA from Serratia marcescens confers a hydrophobic character in Escherichia coli
FEMS Microbiology Letters Vol. 125, 1995 (pp.71-76)

R. Bar-Ness Greenstein, M. Barki, S. Goldberg, and M. Rosenberg
Hydrophobic interactions and inhibition of microbial adhesion
Nova Acta Leopoldina Vol. 75, 1997 (pp.143-152)

R. Bar-Ness Greenstein, S. Goldberg, S. Marku-Cohen, N. Sterer and M. Rosenberg
Oral malodor reduction by oxidizing lozenges
Journal of Periodontology Vol. 68, 1997 (pp.1176-1181)

N. Sterer, R. Bar-Ness Greenstein and M. Rosenberg
b-Galactosidase activity in saliva is associated with oral malodor  
Journal of Dental Research Vol. 81(3), 2002 (pp.182-185)

E. I. Weiss, A. Kozlovsky, D. Steinberg, R. Lev-Dor, R. Bar-Ness Greenstein,
M. Feldman, N. Sharon and I. Ofek
A high molecular mass cranberry constituent reduces mutans streptococci level in saliva and inhibits in vitro adhesion to hydroxyapatite
FEMS Microbiology Letters Vol. 232, 2004 (pp.89-92)

A. Kozlovsky, Z. Artzi, O. Mozes, N. Kamin-Belsky and R. Bar-Ness Greenstein
Interaction of Chlorhexidine with smooth and rough types of titanium surfaces
Journal of Periodontology Vol. 77(7), 2006 (pp.1194-1200)



1. M. Rosenberg, E. Weiss, R. Bar-Ness, D. Feder and I. Eli
A novel microbial replica technique for localization of potential  cariogenic growth on occlusal tooth surfaces, pp. 185-191
In: The Borderland Between Caries and Periodontal Disease III.  G. Cimasoni and T. Lehner (eds) Editions Medecine et Hygiene, Geneva, 1986.


2. M. Rosenberg, R. Bar-Ness Greenstein, M. Barki and S. Goldberg
Hydrophobic interactions as a basis for interfering with microbial adhesion,
pp. 241-248 In: Toward Anti-Adhesion Therapy for
Microbial Diseases, I. Kahane and I. Ofek (eds) Plenum Press, New York, 1996.


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