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Department of Pediatric Dentistry

About the Department: General Description and Clinical Service

Clinic telephone number: 972-3-6409254

General Description

Pediatric Dentistry, a unique specialty in dentistry, provides holistic care of oral and dental health from birth to adolescence. In our Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Tel Aviv University, we are committed to teaching under- and post-graduate students in the best way in order to afford the highest quality of dental care to children and to conduct outstanding research. These two tasks are inseparable. Our students provide the best possible dental care. Excellent teaching and strong research are necessary to obtain the highest quality of treatment.


Clinical Services

Tremendous challenges will be forthcoming to the clinician in pediatric dentistry, which will focus on the following issues:


1. Prevention of dental and oral diseases

2. Treatment of dental caries, including early childhood caries (ECC), and traumatic injury to anterior teeth, with particular interest in esthetics

3. Children with high dental anxiety

4. Children with special needs

5. Children with gingival and mucosal phenomena

6. Close relationships with the community


The Department of Pediatric Dentistry implements a "one-stop-shop" policy, and each aspect of dental care is met under the umbrella of the Dental School in cooperation with other departments in the School. The Department strives for committed and devoted teaching, in the best teacher-per-student ratio, and encourages problem-oriented learning, using the most advanced teaching aids. The combination of excellence and commitment creates a synergism that places the Department of Pediatrics on the cutting edge of Pediatric Dentistry.


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