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Research Activities

Research activities include a wide spectrum of subjects. Members of the Department are involved with clinical, histopathologic and basic research in the fields of basic and applied research activities, including diseases and tumors of oral mucosa, diseases and tumors of salivary glands, oral cancer, odontogenic cysts and tumors of the jaws, forensic odontology, oral pigmentation, collagen histochemistry and pathology, candidiasis of the oral mucosa, oral carcinogenesis, morphology of salivary glands with aging, salivary gland dysfunction, xerostomia, oral manifestations in cancer therapy, saliva and its interrelation with dental appliances; geriatric dentistry, dental treatment planning, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, etiology and epidemiology of oral cancer, treatment of stomatopyrosis, dental treatment in medically compromised patients, occupational hazards in dentistry, diagnostic radiology, improvement of diagnostic techniques in oral radiology, quality assurance in oral radiology, anatomic variations in structures of the oral cavity, and dental anthropology. Details of the research activities are found under the names of the senior members of the Department of OPOM. 

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