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Senior Members

The Senior Members of the Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine:
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I.Kaffe - Professor in Oral Radilogy and Chairman of the Department.
M.Vered - Senior Lecturer in Oral Pathology and Coordinator of the Department.
A.Buchner - Professor Emeritus in Oral Pathology.
D.Dayan - Professor Emeritus in Oral Pathology.
M.Gorsky -  Professor in Oral Medicine.
A.Hirsberg - Senior Lectures in Oral Pathology.
M.Littner - Associate Professor in Oral Medicine.
N.Yarom - Lecturer in Oral Medicine.
B.Bar-Gil - Teacher in Oral Medicine.
Alaa Kabaha - Teacher in Oral Medicine.
T.Levin - Instructor in Oral Medicine.


·  Hana Vered – Pathology Lab Technician
·  Vardit Shrebrek - Radiology Technician

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