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The Dental School at the Tel Aviv University formally came into existence in 1972, with the arrival of a relatively large number of immigrants from the (then) Soviet Union. Among them was a sizable group of dentists, whose qualifications were judged by the Ministry of Health not to conform with Israeli Standards. A group of well-known local dentists under the leadership of Prof. Max Weinreb were approached to set up a retraining program. Within a very short time the program was prepared and clinics at the Tel Aviv University Campus put into operation. Facilities in the Israel Defense Force, National Health Insurance were used, often at night, in order to carry out the program.
After a few years it became apparent that a nucleus had developed for establishing a second dental school in Israel, and early in 1978 a donor was found to build a small building on the campus, which would house both the retraining program and the first undergraduate students.
The generous donor for the project was Mr. Nicholas Marsh of New York. The requirement for acceptance to the school at that time was three years of medicine from a recognized Medical School and a further three clinical years were run at the new Dental School.
Within a very short time there were many applications by students and we were able to start classes of 24 students. From the outset there were not enough dental units in the school and we had to find other facilities in Tel Aviv. To this end a partnership was established with the National Health Service ("Kupat Holim") and the deal was that all the graduates from the Tel Aviv University had to serve for 3 years in outlying and/or underprivileged areas. This system worked brilliantly for some 10 years and far flung towns like Dimona and Eilat in the South and Afula and Kiryat Shmona in the North had well trained dentists to serve their communities for the first time. This whole undertaking, from its inception was coordinated, guided and encouraged by the International Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity. The School was in fact founded by Alpha Omega, who remains active in our affairs and loyal supporters to this day.

It soon became clear that in order to become a full fledged dental School, with a complete 6-year undergraduate program as well as commence specialization programs and an ability to train MSc. and PhD. students, we would need a new building.
After much effort and hard work a wise and generous donor was identified, who agreed to finance the construction of a new building. Our benefactors were Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Gabriela Golschleger (of blessed memory) for whom the School was named.
In 1985 the new school was completed and slowly but surely equipped with modern and efficient equipment for clinical training and research as well as provision for lecture halls and office space for the administration.
The school has since those early days progressed and has taken its place alongside the leading dental Schools in the world. The following pages of this site will explain and demonstrate all our postgraduate training programs, eight in all, as well as our now well known International Program in Orthodontics. This school is making every effort to extend a hand of friendship to our colleagues in neighboring countries. We are proud to announce that a graduate from Amman University was accepted for the Orthodontic Program starting in October 1998.

The research at the School has also received world wide attention and many of our senior faculty have international reputations and are invited to lecture and present their research findings at leading universities and scientific meetings every where.
All this has taken place under the guidance, expertise and tenacity of the heads of the School. They are:

 1. Prof. Max Weinreb 1970 - 1973
 2. Prof. Yohanan Ramon 1973 - 1978
 3. Prof. Max Weinreb 1978 - 1980
 4. Prof. Amos Buchner 1980 - 1987
 5. Prof. Zvi Metzger 1987 - 1991
 6. Prof. Haim Tal 1991 - 1997
 7. Prof. Herb Judes 1997 - 2001
 8. Prof. Israel Kaffe 2001 - 2005
 9. Prof. Haim Tal 2006 -  2010
10. Prof. Ilana Eli 2010 -  
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